Stash Less: the reasons for my stash

I've counted and catalogued my stash and have come to terms with how big it is. Whilst I was doing this I was thinking about how I had let it get so out of hand. I touched on one of the reasons in my previous post, that being I assumed I didn't like a lot of my stash, when infact, I like the majority of it. I just kept on buying material regardless of knowing what I already had. Since I now have a little swatch of each fabric on my stash cards this is no longer a problem for me.

The other reasons as as follows:

Time Poor & Tiredness

I've lumped these two reasons together as I believe they have a similary reason behind them - my two girls. Well, them and life in general really. I have lots of ideas and I would purchase the materials and notitions with good intentions of starting and complelting them straight away but then life got in the way. Projects were half started and then pushed aside or I just put the matierals in a drawer and never started them.

Also I never liked to get my sewing machine out with my eldest daughter as she was always attracted to it and wanted to be on my lap whilst I was sewing. So my sewing time was limited to evenings and weekends. Well by the time both girls are settled and the house is straightened up its 9pm and I geneally only have an hour to an hour and a half max before bed so I just end up flaking out in front of the tv or have a conversation with my husband as I'm too tired. I also make a lot of mistakes when I'm tired so it can take twice as long to make something if I push myself. On a weekend, I have to rely on my husband watching the girls and also on his ability to keep them from interuping me. This rarely happens as my eldest questions my whereabouts if I'm missing from the room for more then ten minutes and she can open the stair security gates! When I'm frustrated by my lack of time to sew, I remind myself that they won't be little for long and when they are older I'll probably have to pay them to spend time with me so I should just enjoy it whilst I can. My youngest isn't really fussed for my sewing machine so I sometimes get it out during school hours / nap times so this is becoming less of a problem. I've just got to tackle my backlong of jobs - whilst trying not to think of any new ideas!

Fear of Missing Out

I subscribe to various fabric supplier blogs/email lists/instagram accounts and am constantly lured on to their websites to purchase. The risk of missing out on that gorgeous fabric with only a few metres left is just too tempting. It would make the perfect dress/top/trousers etc. Whereas, in reality, is my life going to be so bad if I miss out on that floral viscose? In the past I would easily be persuaded by these temptations but now I'm happy with how I react to these. I enjoy looking at fabrics on the emails/instagrams etc but I don't click through to the websites. I don't feel the panic / thrill of getting my hands on a few metres. This has only been a recent development - well since Christmas when I finally reaslied how much fabric I own. I don't need any more fabric (at the moment at least!).

Size Issues

This one is the BIG reason for me. I've been unhappy with my size for a few years now. My weight has fluctuated since before I got married. I did loose some weight for the wedding and was feeling pretty good but then I put it back on during my first pregnancy. I never really lost the weight between my first and second pregnancy. So I wouldn't use that special material as I didn't want to waste it when I lost the weight. So I've always put the nicer materials aside for when I'm slimmer. Silly! If I'd have used them then I would have had five to six years worth of wear out of them as I've pretty much been a consistant size 14 (UK).

If I want a dress now I will use the materials. There will always be other nice materials that will come along. That being said I am on a health kick at the moment and my husband and I are making a few lifestyle changes that include regular exercise so I am beginning to loose the weight. The reason behind this is that we want to be fit and be able to run around the park with the girls without huffing and puffing. We want to teach them that they have to incorporate fitness into their lives on a daily basis. Another reason behind this is that I don't want my girls to think that it is normal to have negative feelings about yourself. I believe anyone can be any size as long as they are happy. But my size is making me unhappy so I need to do something about it. I know there are things that won't change with weightloss like my chunky legs or my large bust but I'm determined to be body positive - my legs balance out my bust and stop me from looking top heavy.

Now I understand a few of my triggers I feel I've been better at resisting them and I've used my stash for every project I've completed this year. I've been into the fabric store twice now and resisted buying anything and it feels good. I think I'll get through the year without adding too much to my material stash.

Although everything is positive on the material buying ban I'm not so strong with my resolve on my pattern buying ban. There have been a few new releases which I'm not sure I can resist! I'm thinking of buying the following:

* Leni top from Tessuti - this is just gorgeous and I'd really like one for my holiday in Portugal in August.

* The Esther shorts from Tessuti - these would look perfect with the Leni top and again are for my holiday to Portugal.

* Esplanade bra - I have all the heart eyes for this bra. I'm yet to sew a bra so I think I'll be able to resist buying this until I've tackled the Watson in March as part of my Make 9. How successful that is will depend on if I feel up to sewing this before my holiday. It would be perfect under all the cami tops I intend to sew.

* Phinney Ridge cardigan - I do have the Driftless cardigan and I do like it but I also really like this one. Do I need two cardigan patterns? Its also on sale from $8 from $12 but only until the end of today. Will I buy it? Who knows! UPDATE: I caved and bought it! Opps.

* Monarch top/dress from Lil Lux Collection - this is a really cute pattern and I think my girls would look gorgeous in both the top and dress versions for our holiday. UPDATE: I bought it but I've used it four times already - I love it!

* Hudson Pant (Men's version) from True Bias which is obviously for my husband.

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Sneak peak of my Saunio cardigan - just blind hemming to finish and hemming the sleeves to go! #sewm
Sneak peak of my Saunio cardigan - just blind hemming to finish and hemming the sleeves to go! #sewm

Two little bobble hearts made for the two little loves of my life
Two little bobble hearts made for the two little loves of my life

Close up of my #junglejanuary2017  #junglejanuary Hudson pants
Close up of my #junglejanuary2017 #junglejanuary Hudson pants

Sneak peak of my Saunio cardigan - just blind hemming to finish and hemming the sleeves to go! #sewm
Sneak peak of my Saunio cardigan - just blind hemming to finish and hemming the sleeves to go! #sewm