Sew The Year: February Roundup & March Goals

Why I set myself the longest sewing to do list in the shortest month I will never know but suffice to say I did not complete everything! Lessons learnt = set myself realistic goals going forward.

Although I didn't complete everything I did complete the following;

Saunio Cardigan

I saw so many lovely versions - including a sweatshirt one from thimblebee - I want one myself as I have some navy sweatshirt material that I cannot find matching ribbing for (my original plan was for a Linden but who would have thought it would be so hard to match navy!). Can I fit in another Saunio cardigan in March - I don't know but I'll add it to my "it'd be nice if I can but no worries if I don't" list.

Valentines Bobbles

These took me approximately one hour to complete in between making dinner, watching/playing with the girls and letting S help with the hand stitching. Both girls look so cute wearing them and I'm pleased that S requests this bobble over her princess ones. It may be a small thing but the warm fuzzies I get knowing they like something I've made them will never get old. I think I'll (or should I say S and I) make more of these in the future if only to try to reduce my felt stash.

Sydney Rompers

I'm so glad I managed to get these complete and off my sewing list. I'm a little bit annoyed at myself for not getting to these sooner as my little one looks so freaking cute in them (I cut them around 3 - yes THREE - months ago!). They will probably only last her a month or so now! But I have two friends who are expecting so if either of them has a girls then I can always pass them on. This Swiss Dot one was a gift I made for a new arrival in New Zealand. I will take some pictures of the two I made N and will do a full post as I just love this pattern.

So that was it for my completed list! Now onto the ones I didn't complete and what I'm going to do about them:

Girls Pillows

These I will carry over to March. I hate sewing home decor things as much as mending but I haven't got much to do on these now so I'm going to push on with them as I know they'll look cute on the gilrs beds.

Nan's Jumper Pillows

Again I will carry these over to March as I want to get this job off my to-do list now that I'm ready to tackle them and getting rid of the bag of jumpers from my understairs cupboard will be nice to as it takes up much needed storage space. I just need to buy some cushions so I know what size to make them.

Virginia Leggings

I didn't get around to sewing the leggings for me nor did I get around to the girls PJ's using the Mini Virginia Leggings and Mini Briar's. It wasn't a big deal that I didn't get around to them last month but I'll have to do them this month as they are the pattern for March's #SewMyStyle.

Print Labels & Fabric

I didn't get this done as our office/gym/sewing room was to much of a mess for me to extend my cutting table out. But we've finally decluttered (we are getting the house ready for putting on the market so things will probably get messier before they get better!) so I will be able to get on with this job in March.

Sew Dungaree Dress

I didn't get to this and I'm not sure that I will so I think I'll just drop this item altogether for now.

I'm not planning on taking on too much this month but I'm meeting my girlfriends in 2 days time and I'm tempted to sew myself a new top - you know the drill, leave it as late as possible to decide on fabric/pattern and then panic sew. I always end up doing it! #unrealisticsewinggoals, #mustmakesomethingneweverytimeIgoout, #irarelygooutsoitsworthit.

I lost my way a little bit this month with my sewing plan. I made two pairs of Mini Tania Culottes for the girls which wasn't on my list but I had some material that I wanted to get out of my stash and these were perfect to get rid of it. This is what happens when I've only got home decor things to make - my mind wonders and I just pick something random to make. S doesn't even like the culottes so it was a waste of time making hers as she's currently only wearing skirts or dresses and even though they look like a skirt and she was excited when she thought they were a skirt. Once I showed her that they were secret shorts she refused to wear them! At least they are a size 5 and N is only a 2 so she'll get to wear hers this summer and then more of them when she's 5!

I also purchased the Phinney Ridge cardigan pattern from Straight Stitch Designs and 5 metres of material (2m grey knit material for the Phinney Ridge and 3m animal print viscose in a black/bottle green colour which I've purchased for an Anna dress for my holiday in August). Yes I am on a fabric and pattern buying ban! I had no intention of buying material, I just went onto Minerva Crafts to purchase some elastic for some tulle skirts I'm going to make S seeing as she was so disappointed with her culottes and I got the "you only need to spend £8 to qualify for free shipping" message and I clicked on the fabric tab and well the temptation was too much. Opps. Also the package arrived when my husband was home so I couldn't even pretend that they've been in my stash for ages! Double opps! My husband was a good sport though and thought my "to qualify for free shipping" was a good enough excuse to add 5 metres to my stash.

I also lost a week in February as it was half term for S. I did have intentions to get a bit done during the holiday but it just didn't happen. So February was a bit of a flop for me but I'm focused and ready for March. Here are my goals:

* Pillows for girls room

* Nan's jumper pillows

* Virginia leggings for me

* Virginia leggings and Briar tee for the girls (also including fabric printing)

* Watson Bra - this will be my first make from my Make 9 list which I'm really excited to try

* Muslin Ogden and Bailen cami tops to get a good fit - this will be my second Make 9 item

* Take part in Kids Clothes Week (KCW)

I almost forgot to list this but it will take up a chuck of my month so I'm glad I've remembered! I've followed each KCW for the last 2 years but I've never participated. There was a mistake with the dates this time round (two different weeks were send out) - the first date I couldn't do as it fell during the February half term but they are still going ahead with the second date which is 20-26 March. I'm super excited to see how much I can get sewn in 1 hour a day for the week. The theme this time round is a capsule wardrobe which is also perfect for me as I want to focus on sewing S and N a summer capsule for our trip to Portugal. I'm going to try to be super prepared and get the patterns and cutting out complete in the two weeks leading up to KCW so that the 1 hour a day will just be purely sewing.

Wowzers - 6 items plus KCW - so much for not setting myself unrealisic goals. Hopefully it won't be too much but I better get this post finished so I can get sewing!

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Sneak peak of my Saunio cardigan - just blind hemming to finish and hemming the sleeves to go! #sewm
Sneak peak of my Saunio cardigan - just blind hemming to finish and hemming the sleeves to go! #sewm

Two little bobble hearts made for the two little loves of my life
Two little bobble hearts made for the two little loves of my life

Close up of my #junglejanuary2017  #junglejanuary Hudson pants
Close up of my #junglejanuary2017 #junglejanuary Hudson pants

Sneak peak of my Saunio cardigan - just blind hemming to finish and hemming the sleeves to go! #sewm
Sneak peak of my Saunio cardigan - just blind hemming to finish and hemming the sleeves to go! #sewm