Project #SewMy Style: Saunio Cardigan

Here is my second make for Project #SewMyStyle the Saunio cardigan from Named Patterns.

I've never tried a Named pattern before so I was looking forward to trying this company out. I like a lot of their patterns but I've never pushed the button on buying one - probably because I'm not sure the majority of them would suit my body or my lifestyle. But I'm glad Project #SewMyStyle is taking me out of my comfort zone. I also purchased the Inari Dress/Tee at the same time.

Spoiler alert: I love the overall look of the cardigan on me and I enjoyed sewing it up but I did not enjoy the prepration process. I didn't know that they printed their patterns overlapped - they are not as bad a Burda or anything but still my most hated job is tracing out a pattern. I love PDF patterns and have perfected my cutting, sticking and matching down to a tee so it doesn't bother me to put one together. I usually do this on the kitchen worktops/counter whilst the girls are on the dining table painting or playing with their Play Doh so it doesn't put me out or waste my time which seems to be the problem other sewist have with PDF's. There are another two Named Patterns scheduled for the project which is not something to look forward to. I have swapped out the Yona coat for the Silva Coatigan as mentioned in my initial post so at least I onlt have the one. I intend to see the surprise pattern for December before ruling it out completely but it'll have to be something super special or a small pattern with few pattern pieces for me to want to trace it. After all, I still have the Inari Dress/Tee to stick together and trace off.

I was unsure on the oversized style of this cardigan so I sized down. My bust measurements put me into a size large (L) but I actually sewed up a size small (S). My bust measures 41inches and the final garment measurements for the size small comes out at 44 inches which I thought was enough ease for me. My material is quite thin but if I were using a thicker material I would have sewn a size medium (M).

The only change I made to the cardigan was to lengthen the sleeves to bracelet length. I prefer this length over full length as it allows me to do a bit of washing up whilst the girls play without having to roll them up. I hate it when you're wearing full length sleves and the end get wet from the soap suds. I have washed up whilst wearing this cardigan and the are the perfect length.

If I were to change one thing I would probably have cut out the length of the XL size rather than the S size I cut but I suppost this more cropped length will wear better with skirts and dresses and keeps my waistline defined somewhat.

It was a super fast make - I think I'd cut it out and sewn it together in 45 minutes to an hour tops. However I did handstitch the facings down as I hate floppy insides. Oh another thing I did was to understitch the facing first to make sure they turned in nice - I was surprised that this wasn't included in the instructions as it seems it is obviously needed. I do love how unfussy and streamlined the cardigan is and I will definately make it again - maybe not straight away but I think its always nice to have a plain cardigan in your wardrobe.

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Created by Dee Durrant

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