My Make Nine List 2017

In addition to Project #SewMyStyle there are a few other patterns that I want to sew up. Well I have an endless list of patterns I want to sew up so I though it best to make the ever popular #MakeNine2017 list (created by Lucky Lucille) to keep me focused.

1: Watson Bra by Cloth Habit

I need some lounging around the house/sleep bras desperately. I do want to sew an underwired bra at some point but think I'll try this one first. I have a small supply of bra making materials and supplies so I will be using my stash for this make.

2: Sophie Swimsuit by Close Case Files

Technically I've already sewn up this bikini but it didn't fit very well so I want another go at it to see if I can work out how to get the top to fit me better. I am going on holiday in August and I typically leave it until two weeks before we go to start my holiday sewing but not this year. I'm going to get onto this around April time so its done in time and not rushed. I've sewn quite a few swimsuits (mainly the Bombshell by Closet Case Files) so I have quite a bit of swimwear material in my stash.

3: Turia Dungarees by Pauline Alice

I bought the Turia Dungarees by Pauline Alice and have sewn up the trouser dungarees and I love them so much I want a denim shorts pair for summer. I love all the Tilly & the Buttons Cleo dungaree dresses I'm seeing in the sewing world and would like to be in on that action but I can't justify buying the pattern seeing as I have the Turia so I think I'll just draft a simple skirt to add to the Turia top. I don't really have any nice denim in my stash so I will have to buy some for this make.

4: Carolyn PJ's by Close Case Files

Once I add a few a pairs of PJ's to my drawers as part of the SewMyStyle (Virginia leggings and Briar tee) I'll be set for winter PJ's but I still need some summer ones so I plan on sewing the shorts set using some cotton lawn I have in my stash.

5: Lane Raglan by Hey June

I love raglan tees but i don't actually have any. The majority of my RTW tees have either stretched out or I've retired them due to them fading or being tatty so I need to replenish these in my wardrobe. I have enough stretch materials in my stash to be able to make a few up.

6: Jeans

These have been on my to sew wish list for ages - ever since the making your own jeans trend started. I even have all the patterns (Ginger, Morgan, Birkin and Mia - well not all but quite a few for someone who hasn't sewn any yet!) but I haven't summoned up the courgage to start this project yet. I live in jeans so as long as I can get a good fit I know they will be popular in my wardrobe. This year I will do it. I think I'll start with the ginger jeans as the sew-a-long has fantastic reviews and I need my hand holding whilst I make these. I do have some Cone Mills denim but I'll save that for when I'm better at fitting as I don't want to waste such good material. I'll need to buy some material for this make.

7: Cheyenne Tunic / Shirt by Hey June

I was on the look out for a shirt pattern and everyone seemed to be making the Archer but it was just a little too oversized for my taste. I looked for around two weeks, methodically making a pros/cons list of them all and then I saw the Cheyenne tunic and shirt and loved both views. I think I added it to my basket within 3 seconds of seeing it. I love both versions and want to sew up both of them but I think I'll start with the traditional shirt as I'm not sure I'll get to this project before the summer months are over so the shirt will be more appropriate for Autumn/Winter wearther. I have a few pieces of material that will work for a shirt so I won't need to buy for this make.

8: Tamarack Jacket by Grainline

I've wanted to try quilting for a while now and I had my parents buy me an even feed foot for Christmas. I want this jacket for early Autumn so I would like to have it completed before the school summer holidays at the end of July as I'm not guaranteed to get much sewng time in during the holidays. I think I want a black verson or maybe a dark grey. I will have to buy material for this make.

9: Ogden Cami by True Bias and/or Bailen Top by Pauline Alice

I want some flowy cami tops for the summer as they are easy to pair with jeans or shorts. I did sew a muslin for the Ogden Cami last summer but it was all kinds of wrong and got relegated to my nightwear drawer straight away. I'm large chested and I was hoping to get away without having to put a dart in but I definately cannot. I may also try the Bailen top by Pauline Alice as it already has a dart in and it uses less fabric than the Ogden. If neither of these work for me I think I'll have a go at drafting my own cami as I'm determined to have these in my wardrobe. I have quite a few pieces of material that will work for these tops.

I'm not sure how realistic my list is as I've got six patterns that I want to get sewn up before the summer holidays (Watson, Sophie, Turia, Carolyn, Odgen/Bailen and Tamarack) and the majority of these will have fitting issues (the bra, the swimsuit and the cami tops) that may take multiple muslins to get right. But I'm not going to feel defeated before I've started. 2017 is going to be my year of 'doing' so I just need to roll my sleeves up and get on with them sooner rather than later.

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