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A lot of my sewing will be dictated by the project #SewMyStyle that Alex Bartholomew from Bluebird Fabrics is running. I've never followed along with a sewing programme before so I'm excited. Although I have to admit that there are some patterns in the line up that I am unsure about but I thought I'd give it a go and just make some slight chages to the patterns that don't fit into my lifestyle. I am going to set myself another challenge of using materials from my stash. There will be one or two patterns what will require new fabrics but on the whole I've got to use my stash.

January - Toaster Swerter 2 by Sew House Seven

This was one of the patterns that I didn't think I would like but I've sewn up the T1 already and after one tweek I now love it. I'm not sure if the neckline of T2 will suit me so I may sew up a T1 with the split hem of T2. Or not - I'll probably decide on that when I'm cutting out. I already have some material in my stash to make another version.

February - Saunio Cardigan by Named Patterns

I will lengthen the sleeves to this pattern. I do like three quarter length sleeves in tops but I just prefer long sleeves in cardigans. I've already prepared this pattern and it wasn't a pleasant experience as it needed to be taped and then traced! This was the first Named pattern I've bought so I was unaware that this was how they printed their patterns. I do prefer pdf patterns over paper patterns because there is no tracing. I hate tracing. I actually bought the Inari dress/top pattern before I'd prepared this one so I've got that to look forward to aswell! Yes I'm lazy. I already have some black/khaki knitted material for this pattern.

March - Virginia Leggings by Megan Nielsen Patterns

This is the main pattern I was unsure of. I do not like leggings as trousers. I used to wear them a lot when I was pregnant but after practically nine months living in them with my last baby I now hate them. However, I did end up buying the pattern and will make them up! I looked at my wardrobe to see if I could see any gaps and one main area where I'm lacking is my sleepwear drawer. So I intend to make leggings to sleep in. I think I will add a cuff at the bottom to make them less like traditional leggings. I also have the mini Virginia leggins so I may even make matching sleepwear for my girls. I have lots of stretch fabric so I will find something in my stash for these.

April - Bridgehouse Dress by Sew House Seven

I will change this pattern. I'm large chested and don't tend to wear high necklines as they just don't flatter me and also going backless is not an option for me. I know there is the bra panel that can be sewn into the dress but I do not like the look of that. Instead I'm going to swap out the November Anna dress pattern and sew it up in April. The main reason for this is in the unlikely event that I did get invited to a party in November/December, there would be no way that I would wear a short sleeved dress in Winter. So if I sew the Anna dress in April I'll at least get wear out of it throughout the summer months. I have a few pieces of material that would suit this dress so I'll pick one of those from my stash.

May - Pocket Skirt by Cali Faye

I think I will also change this pattern. I do love the look of the skirt but I have two young girls who like me to get on the floor to play or climb on the slides with them etc so a skirt just doesn't work for me. I have the Winslow Culottes and the Tania Cullottes patterns so I may substitute one of those for this skirt. I have enough lightweight drapy fabrics in my stash to be able to sew these culottes.

June - Briar T-shirt by Megan Nielsen Patterns

I already have this pattern and have sewn it up a few times. Although I will do a straight hem this time as I'm over the whole high-low trend. I may even make it to pair with my sleep Virginia leggings so I have a full set. Again I have the Mini Briar pattern so I may make the girls a matching one to. If I'm going to do the matchy-matchy thing I might as well go the whole hog and go completely over the top! I'll use stash material for these.

July - Valley Blouse by Cali Faye

I love the look of this top and am looking forward to sewing this up. I have some khaki green eyelet cotton for this make.

August - Darling Ranges Dress by Megan Nielsen Patterns

I already have this pattern but have never found the time to sew it up so this will give me the kick I need. I love all the versions I've ever seen so I have high hopes for it. I've already prepared the pattern with a full bust adjustment so it's all ready to go. I may change out the gathered skirt for a pleated one as I don't like gathering on myself or I'll use the Kelly skirt pattern as I love that pattern. I have loads of suitable material in my stash.

September - Yona Coat by Named Patterns

I'm going to change this pattern for the Schnittchen Silvia Coatigan as I bought this pattern in the black friday sales and I can't justify buying the Yona coat aswell. A girl only needs so many coats (and this year I've bought the Tamarack jacket, the Silvia coatigan, the Kelly anorak and Cascade dufflecoat!!). Also taping and tracing a larger pattern isn't appealing - lazy, lazy, lazy! I do have some wool and lining material so I will be using my stash for this coat.

October - Hampshire Trousers by Cali Faye

I love the look of these trousers so I cannot wait to sew them up. I don't have many trouser weight fabrics so I'm going to have to buy material for this make. Whoop whoop!

November - Anna Dress by By Hand London

As I've swapped this dress to the April pattern I'm going to replace it with the Alix Dress by By Hand London. I bought this pattern as soon as it came out and I've alredy bought two lots of material to make into this dress. I can't wait to sew it up.

December - Surprise pattern by Named Patterns

I don't know what the pattern will be but I'm hoping it will be a small one so that there isn't much tracing to do!

The way to record the #SewMyStyle make is by posting a photo on Instagram by the last Sunday of the month but I'll probably end up doing a blog post on them to. I'm excited to be expanding my wardrobe and hope that I can keep up on a monthly basis. The only time where I think I'll struggle is the August and September makes as they fall over the six week holidays where I'll have two girls to entertain and sewing time will be very limited. But my Darling Ranges pattern is prepared and I think I'll get a head start on preparing the Silvia Coatigan and do a muslin prior to Septemeber to help myself out a bit.

On the whole I'm really looking forward to this year long project.

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