Monarch Dresses for Kids Clothes Week

This Monarch dress was one of the main patterns that I wanted to get sewn up for my first ever Kids Clothes Week (20-26 March 2017). I did want to sew a few more things but I got into sewing this and decided to go all out on the construction. It was like falling down a rabbit hole - I knew the things like french seams, burrito lining and covered buttons wouldn't be appreciated by my 2 and 5 year old but I did them anyway. I am a sucker for french seams on a normal day but now that I've done my first ever burrito lining method I don't think I'll be able to do it any other way from now on. I love a neat finish.

The construction of these went so smoothly thanks to the excellent instructions. Its a really first rate pattern. I though the ruffle around the neckline would be too much but its just the right amont without making it sit away from the neck. Also the skirt panels looked quite wide to me but again they are the perfect amount of fullness without being foofy.

I used Liberty fabric bought at my local Fabworks ages ago - its been sitting in my stash for approximately 5 to 6 years so I'm glad to finally use it. I do still have a little left which will probably make a top for the girls.

The size 2 fitst N perfectly as she's a average weight/height. The size 5 fits S well but as she's tall it's above her knee so she won't get too much wear out of it. Its 5 months before we go on holiday to Portugal so I'm hoping she won't have a growth spurt before then. Although the dress is so pretty it'll look good as a tunic length with leggings underneath so she can continue to wear it once its too short or I have some material left so I could always add a ruff on the hem to match the ruffle around the neckline. I don't know - I'll see how it fits her at the end of July before deciding what to do. The width of the bodice fits her perfectly and she has growning room/could wear a long sleeved t-shirt underneath as she's also skinny as well as tall.

The Lil Lux Collection has some really nice modern patterns for girls and although I've only tried the one pattern so far I would highly recomment them. I also bought the Sumner Dress at the same time so I'm looking forward to trying that one out soon.

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Created by Dee Durrant

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Sneak peak of my Saunio cardigan - just blind hemming to finish and hemming the sleeves to go! #sewm